Meet the Team

Carlo Crocco


Chezhian Ramu


Margheritaly is a child born from the ideas of Mr. Carlo Crocco when a watchmaker turned social philanthropist wanted to give an opportunity for the underprivileged people from orphanages to develop some skills to become a confectioner and eventually to entrepreneurs. Margheritaly focuses on the principal that the profit from the company goes to these children for their basic necessities.

Mr. Carlo Crocco, the Italian watchmaker was so focused from his 30’s when he moved from his family watchmaking business to try out something new, and thus The Hublot was born. Now, Hublot is considered to be the first name for a watch for the rich.

Mr. Chezhian Ramu, the Rajiv Gandhi Manav Seva award winner from Tiruvannamalai is spearheading Margheritaly. Most employees of Margheritaly are from TDH Core Trust who are highly skilled and talented.

Margheritaly’s seed was planted for the underprivileged children for his social activities keeping in mind that everyone gets an opportunity to have healthy and organic ice creams without any chemicals or artificial flavors.