Margheritaly is open for a win-win opportunity for Franchisers..

Description: Margheritaly deals with Natural ice cream and organic pizza’s with no chemicals and preservatives added. Most of the seasonal flavours offer very less or no sugar added. The Italian Pizza’s are prepared daily fresh with organic vegetable grown by local farmers. This makes Margheritaly unique from other brands.

The Margheritaly team has been working tirelessly for the building the structure and professional system to match the international standards. The best in class machines with well trained and professional staffs. Now we are open for win-win opportunity for the franchisers with the best franchise model where any common man can be an entrepreneur.

Criteria: Rs.2,00,000/- security deposit (Rs.1,50,000/- non-refundable).


Area : 150 to 300Sq-ft

Initial expenses: Rs.15,00,000/- 

Profit: Rs.8,00,000/year 


Area: 500 to 700 Sqft 

Initial expenses: Rs.25,00,000/- 

Profit: Rs.15,00,000/year